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Pet weight loss assistance at Redwood Veterinary Hospital in Vallejo CA

Weight Control Is Vital to Pet Health at Redwood Veterinary Hospital in Vallejo, CA

Pet Weight Loss

The professionals of Redwood Veterinary Hospital are dedicated to wellness care for your pets, demonstrated by our focus on the important issue of weight control. Pet owners must consider weight control in pets as vital to their well-being—as important as diet, regular check-ups, exercise, shelter, vaccinations, and other health care.

To help treat the very common, serious “disease” of obesity in dogs, we offer our Slentrol® Weight Control Program. This program incorporates a prescription medication (see below) to help curb a pet’s appetite and subsequently help pet owners learn how much food their pet really needs per day to maintain ideal body weight. Enrollment in this program includes such benefits as regular “weigh-in and measure” appointments, a progress tracker with monthly reports, and two phases: the Weight Loss Phase, which lasts until the weight goal is reached, and the ongoing Weight Management Phase, which lasts a minimum of 3 months or until your pet is fully stabilized and the program is integrated into your lifestyle.

Weight Loss Medication Assists Dogs: Slentrol®

Included in our Canine Weight Control Program is a promising medication made by Pfizer Animal Health called Slentrol, prescribed to assist in managing your dog’s appetite with little or no side effects. Unfortunately, there is no comparable medication for cats at this time.

Before beginning our weight loss program, your veterinarian will examine your pet and run some simple tests to be sure there are no underlying health issues. Feeding an appropriate number of calories coupled with daily exercise is the basis for our weight control program, combined with support, monitoring, and medication designed to enhance your pet’s chances for long-term success and a better quality of life.

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Expertise in Animal Nutrition

Dr. Brian Veltri holds a master’s degree in animal nutrition along with his DVM. While Dr. Veltri practices all aspects of canine and feline medicine, he has a special interest in this area and is pleased to discuss your pet’s special dietary concerns. His oversight and expertise adds significant value to this extraordinary pet health program.

For more information about our pet weight loss program or to register your pet, contact our office at 707-553-1400.

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