Convenient Payment Options for Veterinary Care from Redwood Veterinary Hospital in Vallejo, CA

Payment Options

Redwood Veterinary Hospital is pleased to offer a variety of payment options for veterinary care. While we do require payment at the time of service, for your convenience we accept the following methods of payment: cash, debit, and personal check with appropriate identification.

In addition, we accept these credit cards:

For questions about your veterinary fees or to discuss payment options, feel free to contact our business office at (707) 553-1400.

Find a Payment Plan with Scratchpay

Scratchpay offers simple and affordable payment plans for large veterinary bills. Finding your payment plan does not affect your credit, takes just a couple of minutes and can be done from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

For more information about Scratchpay or to check your rate click here:

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We offer CareCredit to our clients because your pet is an important part of your family. CareCredit is similar to other major credit cards, but every CareCredit transaction is eligible for a No Interest Payment Plan. (Note that the No Interest Payment Plan must be paid within the promotional period and minimum monthly payments are required.) In addition to using your CareCredit card for veterinary payments, you can use it at other healthcare practices that offer CareCredit, such as the dentist. As the leader in healthcare financing, CareCredit has made it easy for millions of people nationwide to accept the best treatment recommendations for their pets, and themselves.

Learn more by visiting CareCredit or call us for details.

Pet Insurance

The past decade has seen remarkable advances in veterinary medicine. Coupled with this has been the growing acknowledgment of how important and valued pets are; many consider their pets as important family members. Because these new advances in animal health care can be expensive, many pet owners are now purchasing pet insurance.

The staff of Redwood Veterinary Hospital recommends that every pet owner consider pet insurance. We have prepared a very helpful Pet Health Insurance Packet, to support you in making the best decision about pet insurance for your family.

If you have pet insurance, we’ll provide you with copies of your pet medical records for submission to your insurance company. Simply discuss the matter with the receptionist at your next appointment or contact us for more information.

In addition to our Insurance Packet, you can also visit the Smart Pet Insurance website, which helps you compare insurance programs.

The following is a list of pet insurance companies to explore:

Please research each pet insurance company you consider to be sure it offers the right plan for you and your pet.

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