Festive Treats for Your Pet During Halloween

pet dog sitting outside.

Dressing your pets up for Halloween is absolutely one of the best parts of the holiday. To reward them for wearing that silly costume —why not give your pumpkin some festive treats? 

As you can imagine, there are many pet-safe and festive options for you to purchase or make them during the Halloween season. 


Slow and Steady: How to Support Reptile Health

Veterinarian holding reptile in their hands.

There are many reasons why reptiles make great pets. They trigger few (if any) allergies, require less space than traditional pets, and are relatively easy to provide for. Reptiles also have distinctive personalities and captivating physical characteristics. What’s not to love? 


Pocket Pets Are Important Too: Improving Their Health and Keeping Them Safe

Pet guinea pig in garden.

As the guardian to a smaller pet like a rabbit, ferret, or hamster, your role as their caretaker is an important one. What you do or don’t do for your pocket pets can have a huge impact on their overall health and wellbeing. At Redwood Veterinary Hospital, pet wellness for all creatures great and small is a priority. We think pocket pets deserve great care, too. 


Parvo in Dogs Is On The Prowl

Vallejo, CA dog getting parvo vaccine.

Parvo Enteritis is an infectious disease caused by a virus. Animals like raccoons, wolves, and foxes can be infected, and parvo in dogs, cats and humans is equally common. It is a serious disease, but, fortunately, most times it’s preventable. That’s the take home message with this blog: preventing Parvo is way, way better than trying to manage it.


The Value of Senior Pet Dental Health

A senior cat.

The majority of older pets have at least one health challenge. Some are simply age-related, such as arthritis or vision impairment, and there are many ways to help them attain comfort and safety. 

Other medical problems are directly related to a pet’s day-to-day routine. For example, poor diet and lack of exercise may result in weight gain or diabetes. Similarly, inadequate attention to their teeth and gums can lead to periodontal disease. In fact, maintaining excellent senior pet dental health can positively impact their overall health.


Ultrasound Imaging: Only the Best for Your Pet

A dog gets an ultrasound.

At Redwood Veterinary Hospital, we strive to be…well…the best. From our expert team to advanced technologies, and the passion we show for our work, we want to ensure that your pets receive the veterinary care and attention they need to help them live long healthy lives. 

One way that we provide that extra quality is in our ability to offer our patients in-house ultrasound imaging. Not every animal hospital has this capability, and it’s one more way we feel that we are able to give our clientele the best that the San Francisco Bay area has to offer. 


Why the Wait? A Look at Veterinary Care During the Pandemic

Woman with mask kissing dog.

Life changed for all of us last year. By adapting to strict safety measures and enforcing new protocols, essential businesses like ours were able to continue serving the community. But veterinary care during the pandemic looks—and feels—vastly different than before. We’re doing what needs to be done, but for various reasons pet owners are facing longer than usual wait times.


Squeaky Clean Kitty: How to Groom Your Kitten for Good Hygiene

A cat with a towel around its head cleans its paw.

When a kitten is very young, you have likely witnessed the mother cat constantly grooming the youngsters with her tongue. She pays careful attention to their daily care and grooming. It is her natural instinct to do so. But once a kitten is adopted out or is otherwise away from their mother, is it still necessary to take care of the kitten’s hygiene? 

Many new kitten owners ask us about this very important issue. This is why the team at Redwood Veterinary Hospital is here to provide you some tips on how to groom your kitten with care and ease. Keep reading to learn more!


Redwood Veterinary Hospital’s Top Blogs of 2020

2020 is in the review mirror, and thank goodness for that! And what a year it was! The struggle was real, but we made it through. Thanks, in no small part, to our pets.

From their constant companionship to the laughter they bring through their antics and idiosyncrasies, our furry friends have provided a bright spot through the madness. We hope, too, that Redwood Veterinary Hospital’s blog has shed some light on your pet’s quirks and overall wellbeing.

With that in mind, and in keeping with tradition, we are happy to share with you our top 5 most-read blog posts of 2020!