Rescue pets from the Camp Fire still need homes!

The Camp Fire was the deadliest, most destructive wildfire in our state’s history, and it was the world’s most expensive natural disaster of 2018. In the wake of unrelenting tragedy, responders took immediate note of the area’s animal residents. Fortunately, since November, there have been many happy reunions between pets and their owners, but there are still dozens of rescue pets out there. Due to various extenuating circumstances, their owners may never be able to claim them, but that doesn’t mean these animals can stay in the shelter system indefinitely. In other words, rescue pets from the Camp Fire still need help!

Different But the Same

Livestock, wildlife, and household pets all met the same fate when the Camp Fire broke out. There were many heartbreaking animal fatalities in the wake of the fire, but due to the valiant efforts of first responders, firefighters, and animal rescue volunteers, a large percentage of animals were brought to safety.

Real Heroes

Veterinary hospitals and animal shelters in Northern California really stepped up when it came to housing and caring for sick and injured animals. Search-and-rescue dogs also played a pivotal role in reuniting victims with their loved ones. These dogs served as comfort animals, as well.

Chaos Gives Way to Calm

After seventeen days, the fire reached 100% containment on November 25th, but the work to find and care for animals continued. Now, the effort to re-home rescue pets is a major concern for everyone involved.

As of January 14, 2019, the Camp Fire Rescued Animals page states the Del Oro Oroville Emergency Shelter is closed. The animals that were previously in their care have been moved to local shelters. Butte County Animal Control is helping with the transition and will have updated information about the animals’ locations.

Rescue Pets Need New Homes

If you or someone you know wants to adopt a rescue pet, we recommend the following places:

If you want to help rescue pets but aren’t 100% sure about a lifelong commitment, please consider the Camp Fire Foster Animal Connection. Fostering can truly benefit the community.

Lastly, to show our appreciation for those who open their hearts and homes
to rescue pets, your first wellness exam at Redwood
Veterinary Hospital
is complementary. Together, we can assure a healthy future for your new buddy. Please bring any adoption certificates from the rescue organization, and be sure to schedule your appointment within the first month after adoption.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about the Camp Fire’s rescue pets. Our veterinary team is always here for you and the pets of our community!