Pet WellnessHave you ever wondered why we recommend pet wellness visits, even when your pet is in good health? Aside from getting the chance to see your pet’s sweet face and catch up with you, the pet wellness exam serves a larger purpose. Our goal is to not only assess your pet’s current health status, but also keep an eye toward their future by establishing good health habits and catching problems early.

At Redwood Veterinary Hospital, we believe strongly in the power of preventive medicine to provide our pets with the happiest, healthiest, and longest lives possible, and at the cornerstone lies the pet wellness exam.


A thorough physical examination, along with taking a complete medical history of your pet, is the basis of the pet wellness exam, and allows us to pick up on any problems early, as well as get an idea of your pet’s baseline, or normal, health.

Dental Health

The benefits of good oral health are far-reaching for your pet. Without proper care, your pet could suffer pain, tooth loss, and even problems with the heart, lungs, kidneys, and other major organs. We recommend regular dental examinations and cleanings (under anesthesia) as necessary, coupled with daily brushing, to keep your pet’s teeth in tiptop shape.

Weight and Nutrition

Pet obesity is a major concern for U.S. pets, and can put pets at risk for health problems, such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancer. Your veterinarian will help you come up with a nutrition and exercise plan to get your pet in great shape, and prevent health problems down the road.


The lifesaving vaccines your pet receives as a puppy or kitten will need to be boostered at their yearly wellness examinations. We understand that each pet is an individual, which is why we always discuss your pet’s lifestyle and level of risk, and develop a vaccination plan centered around the possibility of exposure.

Parasite Prevention

Protecting your pet against fleas, ticks, heartworm, and intestinal parasites through regular screening and administration of preventive medication is a vital part of any pet wellness plan. Some pet parasites can be transmitted to people, making this important for the health of the whole family.

Routine Testing

Just because a pet appears healthy doesn’t mean there isn’t something going on beneath the surface. Routine diagnostic testing in the form of fecal examinations, blood panels, and urinalysis help us establish a baseline for your pet and catch any problems as they pop up.

The Importance of Pet Wellness

Scheduling and keeping your pet’s regular wellness visits can reduce the chances of an illness or injury occurring, and can add years to your pet’s life. Give the team at Redwood Veterinary Hospital a call to schedule a pet wellness exam for your pet today!