Convenient Online Forms from Redwood Veterinary Hospital in Vallejo, CA

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Complete your forms online—Earn a $5 Credit!

Redwood Veterinary Hospital provides our clients with convenient online forms. We also provide forms in downloadable format (PDF) that you can print at home for easy review before coming in to the hospital. Filling out and submitting forms online prior to your appointment or procedure saves you time and reduces stress, for you and your pet, during the check-in process. We think this is important—so important that we’ll credit your account $5 dollars when you submit your forms online before the appointment! (The Diabetes Monitoring Form does not qualify for this offer.) While all our forms are available in downloadable/printable format so you can conveniently review these forms at home, you will be asked to review (and sign, if necessary) a digital version of the same form when you come in.

Please remember that the admission or registration process may take a few extra minutes to ensure all the necessary information is obtained.

New Client and Patient Information Forms—All first-time clients should complete a New Client Information Form, and one New Patient Information Form for each pet. Our New Client and New Patient Forms can be completed and submitted online (get the $5 credit!). All new clients should also review the Rabies Vaccination Privacy Policy form, and if you have cats, the Notice to All Cat Owners form. You will be asked to review and sign a digital version of the same form(s) on your first visit.

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