Avian Pet Care for Bird Lovers at Redwood Veterinary Hospital in Vallejo, CA

Avian Pet Care

Birds offer a wide variety of size, color, and ability to choose from, and they are beautiful, intelligent, and entertaining creatures. Redwood Veterinary Hospital has doctors on staff that have extensive experience with many avian species and offer both avian medicine and surgery.

All pet birds need a balanced diet, clean water, appropriate caging, proper sanitation, and regular veterinary check-ups. Birds are not generally considered low-maintenance pets, with some requiring daily attention and handling to be happy.

Veterinary Care for Avian Pet Health

While many birds have a long lifespan, a sick bird can deteriorate rapidly and often symptoms do not appear until it is too late.

Your best defense is a strong wellness plan. Schedule a visit with one of our “bird doctors” the day you bring your bird home and learn about the best preventive care for your type of pet. Regular veterinary check-ups allow us to diagnose developing problems or treat annoying health concerns such as mites.

In addition, we counsel you in creating the healthiest environment for your type of pet bird. We assist our avian pet owners with expert informational materials and resources, as well, to help you become educated in the specifics of your unique and beautiful pet. The following links will give you more information on how to enrich your pet bird’s diet and environment:

Contact Redwood Veterinary Hospital today for answers to questions about avian care or to make an appointment for your bird.

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