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Pocket Pet Care

Rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, rats, mice, guinea pigs, and ferrets are called “pocket pets” due to their compact size, and they are widely considered to be good starter pets for children and excellent companions for apartment dwellers. Remember, however, that these small animals each have specific diet, housing, and handling requirements.

Before bringing a pocket pet home, you will need to consider the appropriate cage, hutch, or dwelling for the type of pet. Specific bedding for the different types of pets may vary. Nutritional needs are easily met by purchasing the appropriate food, treats, and chew items for each. Since their world is so small, many pet owners buy various accessories to enhance the pet’s exercise options, entertainment needs, and quality of life—make certain you provide only veterinary-approved accessories for the safety of your little friend. The following links provide more information about the general care for these wonderful pets:

Our exotic veterinarians will guide you in these areas, as well as instruct you in wellness management for your special pet.

Pocket Pets Need Regular Exams

In truth, pocket pets require as much care and attention as a larger pet. These animal companions require annual veterinary exams, although very few receive vaccinations. Since their short lives reflect rapid aging and their health can change quickly, regular check-ups are essential. Any change in behavior or condition between visits should be reported at once to your veterinarian—the course of a disease is as rapid as their short lives, and successful treatment may depend upon a speedy response time.

At Redwood Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Fox has special training and skill working with these unique pets. Dr. Fox particularly enjoys seeing our bunny patients. For more information about general rabbit care, please follow this link from www.veterinarypartner.com on Rabbit Care.

It is very important to spay and neuter your bunnies. For more information about this issue, please follow this link from www.veterinarypartner.com on To Neuter or Not to Neuter… That is the Question!

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